Game Buoy Podcast Episode 27 – CRASH COURSE: A Brief Introduction to the World of Fighting Games

Ahoy, mateys, and welcome to the Game Buoy podcast – your twice monthly port of call for gaming news and views that maybe aren’t on your radar, but most definitely should be! On this episode, recorded Saturday, May 4, 2013, Captain Spike and his first mate, Slagkick, are joined by special guest Sea Wolf Jason to discuss the early history of fighting games up to the turn of the century.


SmartGlass is now available for Kindle Fire.

The PS3-exclusive Metal Gear Solid: Legacy Collection will be available in June.

– Final results of the THQ auction have been announced:

Dead Island: Riptide still includes the headless bloody bikini torso in its special edition.

Devil Survivor 2: Break Record hits Japan on July 11.

Miiverse is now live for PC and mobile browsers.

Shantae arrives on 3DS Virtual Console at the end of June for NA, EU, and Oceanic regions.

Watch Dogs is due out November 19 for PC, PS3, 360, and Wii U, and will be a PS4 launch title.

More details have emerged about Classic Mode in New Etrian Odyssey: Millenium Girl.

Aonuma-san confirms that the new 3DS Zelda title will have Light and Dark Worlds.

Zone of the Enders is getting a PS3 patch, but Enders Project has been put on hold.

Two new sound packs will be available for Sound Shapes, May 14 in NA and May 15 in EU.


The next Xbox will be revealed on May 21.

Nintendo has returned to profitability but missed sales forecasts by 50%.

Iwata-san is officially the new CEO of Nintendo of America.

Nintendo will not hold an E3 keynote, opting for smaller and more focused events.

Corpse Party: Blood Drive is headed to the Vita.

A shocking pink 3DS XL will be available in the UK on May 31.

Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded is slated for a June release.

Aksys is bringing 3DS title Hakuoki: Memories of the Shinsengumi to North America.

A new Kunio Kun game will be coming to 3DS in August.

The bizarre dating sim Boyfriend Maker has returned to the iOS App Store.

Ratchet and Clank is being turned into a movie!

For some reason, Heavenly Sword is also being turned into a movie

The amazing Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds concert is coming to Blu-Ray.

Kamiya-san doesn’t care if games are short, just if they’re fun.

Game Dev Tycoon tricks pirates by having piracy affect pirated games. 

DSiWare Publisher Dream is coming soon to the US.

Arcade game Sonic Athletics requires players to run on treadmills.

Nintendo is now selling refurbished DS and 3DS systems, complete with warranty.

Square Enix turns Final Fantasy Tactics into a social game with Final Fantasy Tactics S.

A sequel to Eternal Darkness might be on its way.

The creators of Nyan Cat and Keyboard Cat are suing Warner Bros. and 5th Cell for the memes’ appearances in Scribblenauts titles.

Lobo will be a new DLC character for Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Batgirl will also be a DLC character for Injustice.

A new Dead or Alive 5 title is coming to PS3 and 360.

King of Fighters X Fatal Fury, a card game, is a new mobile title.

Art of Fighting Rush, however, is a slot machine.


Captain Spike and First Mate Slagkick welcome special guest Sea Wolf Jason onto the SS Game Buoy to talk about the history of fighting games up until the turn of the century. They look briefly at the predecessors to Street Fighter, which helped launch the genre as we know it, and the evolution of fighting games throughout the 1990s. The Podcast Pirates talk about the big guns – including Mortal Kombat, King of Fighters, and Tekken – but they also look at some lesser known games, including Sega’s Eternal Champions and Square’s Tobal No. 1. Captain Spike, First Mate Slagkick, and Sea Wolf Jason examine how fighters changed throughout the years, culminating in a look at Nintendo’s foray into the fighting world: Super Smash Bros.

“CRASH COURSE: A Brief Introduction to the World of Fighting Games” is Part 1 in a two-part series. Please look forward to Part 2 in the future, where Game Buoy will take a look at fighting games in the 21st century.


Captain Spike has been playing Mega Man Zero, more Monster Hunter 3 UltimateSuper Mario World, and Ice Climbers. Slagkick has been making Social Links in Persona 4 Golden, while Jason has been enjoying Injustice: Gods Among Us and Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine.


This week it’s a DOUBLE DOSE of Smash or Trash as the Podcast Pirates bring you two great articles and two poor articles to show how gaming journalism should be done…and not be done.

SMASH: You don’t like breasts? You must like men: The disappointing conversation and art of Dragon’s Crown (The PA Report)

After a Kotaku writer expresses his criticism of the problematic art design of female characters in Dragon’s Crown, Vanillaware founder George Kamitani makes what is presumably a gay joke involving artwork of burly dwarves – The PA Report discusses why both of these things aren’t okay on Vanillaware’s part.

SMASH: The quest for Shadow of the Colossus’ last big secret (Eurogamer)

This great feature from Eurogamer follows a group of dedicated fans of Shadow of the Colossus who aim to uncover every last secret of the game. The article is a great read and a shining example of gaming journalism done right.

TRASH: JRPG Censorship is Such a Silly Thing (Kotaku)

Kotaku complains about JRPG censorship without thinking critically about the reasons why certain changes may have been made, totally missing the mark and making this article an ineffective contribution to the discussion of censorship in gaming.

TRASH: FYI: Butts Are Off-limits in Nintendo Games, But Penises Aren’t (Kotaku)

Kotaku thinks that the presence of Michelangelo’s David in Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a sign that Nintendo is okay with male genitalia in games, but not with female butts (such as the one that was censored in Fire Emblem: Awakening).


The Question of the Week was:

“This week Game Buoy looks at the nigh-impenetrable world of fighting games. What have your experiences with fighters been like? Have a fave?”

It yielded some great answers from @nintendoug, Space Pirate Ben, Wicked from Nerdgasm Network, Game Buoy superfan Dan D., and Jeremy from Qoopa Klub!

Also, Crystal H. from California sends a sweet message of support, and @nintendoug sends some more love.


– Qoopa Klub, a Nintendo-centric LGBT podcast

– Orange Lounge Radio, where EVERY gamer has a voice

– Reading is Fundamental, our seasonal side project with Rob Roberts where we dish on RuPaul’s Drag Race

NPCs Only, Space Pirate Ben and Sea Wolf Jason’s podcast about pen and paper gaming from the GM/DM perspective

– Gayme Bar, the podcast that “fills your brain with hours of gay video game commentary”

– Nerdgasm Network, the wildest 3 hours of shock jock video game radio

– Horde House, the show about World of Warcraft but NEVER too seriously

– Girls Gone WoW, for a female perspective on the world’s most popular MMO

– Video Game Outsiders, a podcast for the “average gamer”

– Theme music by Zelda Reorchestrated

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