Game Buoy Podcast Episode 17 – Mega Man and MORE!

Ahoy mateys and welcome to the Game Buoy podcast, your twice monthly port of call for gaming news and views that may not be on your radar, but definitely should be! On this super-sized episode, recorded on Saturday, December 29-Sunday, December 30, 2012, Captain Spike and Slagkick celebrate Mega Man‘s 25th anniversary and take one last look at 2012 in gaming.


– The Wii U eShop restrictions in EU regions are due to German law.

– The Square Enix countdown site was for Star Galaxy, a browser-based MMO.

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX will be released in Japan on March 14, 2013.

The Secret World has done away with monthly subscription fees.

– The first real Kickstarter drama hits when Code Hero fails to deliver rewards and updates.

– THQ has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and is seeking a buyer.

GaymerCon is now Gaymer X due to trademark issues. Also, they have launched GaymerConnect!


Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is available on the iOS App Store with in-app purchases that add up to a horrifying price!

– Namco Bandai is developing Project Versus J for PlayStation 3 and Vita, a fighting game in the vein of Jump Ultimate Stars.

Wada-san explains the reasoning behind making Dragon Quest X an MMORPG and how it has already made back its development costs.

– Polygon shared leak details for Disney Infinity, a cross-platform open world game focused on user created content.

Earth Defense Force 4 has been confirmed for a US release in 2013 as Earth Defense Force 2025.


Discussion Topic #1 – Mega Man: 25 Years of Jumpin’ and Shootin’

Captain Spike and Slagkick celebrate the Blue Bomber’s 25th anniversary by looking back at the series and particularly how various iterations brought new ideas and concepts to the franchise and to platform gaming in general. Particular focus is given to Mega Man, Mega Man 2, Mega Man 3, Mega Man 4, Mega Man X, Mega Man 9, and Mega Man 10. The Podcast Pirates also discuss Street Fighter X Mega Man and its shortcomings, but also how its success could shape the future of the franchise. Also, Captain Spike gives a rundown of the rest of this prolific series, giving his recommendations for games to play and games to avoid. Finally, the Podcast Pirates look at the current state of the franchise and what the future might hold for our favorite robot.

Discussion Topic #2 – 2012 Year in Review Redux

Captain Spike discusses a few games that he either missed in 2012  or were recommended as game of the year candidates – Journey, The Walking Dead, Unit 13, and Paper Mario: Sticker Star – and why Asura’s Wrath is his Game of the Year. First Mate Slagkick briefly shares his experience with Boost Mode in New Super Mario Bros. U (a Game Buoy top game of 2012), but his main focus is on why he caved in and bought a new PS3 – with particular attention given to Journey and how it is the pinnacle of Thatgamecompany’s mission statement, why it’s his Game of the Year, and the intense emotional experience connected with the gameplay.


Each week, Captain Spike and Slagkick look at one article (or sometimes, more than one) and tell you whether it’s well-written (Read!)  or an embarrassment to gaming journalism (Reeeeeeead.) This week, Game Buoy offers a trio of Kotaku articles:

Yes, BioShock Infinite‘s Cover is Terrible, and Yes, That Actually Matters (Kotaku)

Kotaku is disappointed that BioShock Infinite has typical dudebro cover art, and insists upon itself that this is a terrible thing that actually matters. (Game Buoy enourages you to instead check out The PA Report’s article on why it doesn’t actually matter, which is a definite “Read!”)

Verdict: Reeeeeeead.

Hey Square Enix, Where the Hell is Bravely Default Flying Fairy? (Kotaku)

Kotaku feels entitled to a stateside release of the extremely successful Bravely Default Flying Fairy and complains about no localization announcement, despite only having been out in Japan for a few months. Instead of taking a positive approach, they choose to be Negative Nancies.

Verdict: Reeeeeeead.

The Game Savers: How A Tiny Company Gives Neglected Japanese Games New Life In America (Kotaku)

Despite the overly serious headline, this is a great look inside the offices of XSEED, with some anecdotes and analysis into their business model. Very well-written and actually relevant, since The Last Story was such a huge success over here. Obviously, Game Buoy is also in support of positive press for XSEED so this article is definitely recommended.

Verdict: Read!


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– Horde House, the show about World of Warcraft but NEVER too seriously

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