Game Buoy MICRO Episode 4 – Some Capcom That I Used To Know

Ahoy, mateys, and welcome to Game Buoy MICRO – your occasional parfait of left-of-center gaming news-nibbles and views-victuals that maybe aren’t on your radar, but most definitely should be! With Lost Planet 3 having not even pushed 50,000 units so far, we decide to take a look at how Capcom is doing with some of their popular IP compared to the creative talent who were responsible for the franchises. We pit Lost Planet 3, DmC, and Resident Evil 6 against three more promising games in development by the creator of each series: Mighty No. 9 (Inafune/Comcept), Bayonetta 2 (Kamiya/Platinum Games), and The Evil Within (Mikami/Tango Gameworks). We also discuss how Monster Hunter 4 might be the only thing in Capcom’s toolbox right now that is keeping them from certain doom. Thanks for listening, and please look forward to another full episode of Game Buoy coming very soon!

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