MagiKast Episode 2 – A MagiKast Spotlight on: Magikarp

KARP KARP! Welcome to MagiKast, the ONLY twice monthly podcast devoted to the world’s best Pokemon: Magikarp! On this episode, recorded Monday, March 31, 2014, Gym Leader Slagkick and Cool Trainer Spike focus on Magikarp gameplay strategies and cosplay tips.


After sharing their Magikarp memories, Gym Leader Slagkick and Cool Trainer Spike dive into their discussion of #129 by examining its height, weight, evolution chain, and gender ratio. They examine Magikarp’s international appeal by highlighting the Fish Pokemon’s name in other languages, and then they discuss where you can find Magikarp in game. After that, Slagkick and Spike analyze Magikarp’s base stats and share information about some amazing event Magikarp that anyone would be lucky to have. A look at Magikarp’s various Pokedex entries reveals massive amounts of misinformation, bias, and a disturbing anti-Magikarp agenda put forth by the Pokemon Professors.


Magikarp is not a weak Pokemon – rather, it’s a Pokemon that is meant for advanced players who are willing to invest the time to learn Magikarp playstyles. Fortunately, MagiKast has the skinny on how to get the most out of your Fish Pokemon, from Flail spam playstyles to a traditional rotation. Gym Leader Slagkick and Cool Trainer Spike discuss the ideal nature, moveset, and held items for your Magikarp, as well as the epic awesomeness of the Magikarp Sweep (see a how-to here and a video here). They also give you advice for battling another Magikarp, as well as how to face off if you are challenged by a fearsome Magikarp in battle.


Magikarp has made an appearance in many of the other Pokemon games, and Gym Leader Slagkick and Cool Trainer Spike run down the list. Specific attention is given to Magikarp’s Splash, the Pokemon Stadium mini-game, as well as Magikarp’s appearances in Pokemon Snap.


Magikarp has made over 30 anime appearances to date, but your MagiKast hosts love it most when this fantastic fish takes the spotlight. From the very first appearance Magikarp salesman, to appearances in the Orange Island arcs, to Johto and Hoenn and Sinnoh, Gym Leader Slagkick and Cool Trainer Spike highlight these standout episodes. They also look forward to the upcoming episode of the XY anime, “”Oogon no Koiking wo tsuriagero (Fishing the Golden Koiking!!),” that will feature a shiny Magikarp. Plus, a shout out is given to Team Rocket’s Magikarp submarine!


Magikarp has appeared on 19 Pokemon trading cards at present. While the cards do have a few commonalities, particularly a consistent and solid 30 HP, the moves on the cards vary wildly. Some cards stick to classic Magikarp moves like Tackle, Flail, and Splash, while other cards introduce a variety of interesting and game-changing moves that will make you definitely want to include some Magikarp cards into your next deck build.


Magikarp cosplay is extremely popular on the convention circuit, and MagiKast is here to examine the various styles of Magikarp cosplay by looking at their strengths and weaknesses. Gym Leader Slagkick and Cool Trainer Spike agree that the “Horizontal Body” Magikarp is most faithful to the Fish Pokemon, particularly when involving a shiny fabric to emulate the sheen of its scales – and why this look is preferable to the “Vertical Body” style of Magikarp cosplay (which has its own distinct charm, though). Attention is also given to Magikarp hats and hoods, as well as the “Magikarp Girl” trend in cosplay where young women wear Magikarp-inspired fashions.


In this segment of MagiKast, Gym Leader Slagkick and Cool Trainer Spike share the best and the worst of Magikarp journalism. Fortunately, this week, there are two fantastic Splashes!

SPLASH: Magikarp the Best Pokemon Ever? Believe It! (GameRant)

This passionate post gives five reasons why Magikarp is the best Pokemon, as a rebuttal to Destructoid’s assertion that Ekans deserves the title.

SPLASH:  An Ode to Magikarp, the Saddest Pokemon of All (Kotaku)

Jason Schreier makes a splash with this article in defense of the Fish Pokemon, exposing the anti-Magikarp agenda and calling for some sympathy for the poor little guy.


Thank you for tuning in to another episode of MagiKast, and please look forward to Episode 3, where your hosts will be discussing their favorite Magikarp fanfic!

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