HibiKast Episode 3 – A HibiKast Spotlight On: Fan Fiction

SHORYUKEN! Welcome to HibiKast, the ONLY podcast devoted to the best fighting game character around – Dan Hibiki! On this episode, recorded March 31, 2015, World Warrior Spike and New Challenger Slagkick give you the “low-dan” on the man in the pink gi and share some of their favorite Dan Hibiki fan fiction!

Spike and Slagkick have jumped ship from the SS Game Buoy to the Saikyo-ryu Dojo to  share the true powers of this fighter’s “Strongest Style.” They cover the background and history of Dan Hibiki, including the tragic backstory that set him on his path starting in Street Fighter Alpha 2. Although often considered a “joke character,” Dan Hibiki is no joke – his moveset provides a challenge for the most seasoned of Street Fighter players! World Warrior Spike and New Challenger Slagkick discuss Dan Hibiki’s origins as a parody of characters from SNK’s Art of Fighting, and his unique abilities such as infinite taunts mirror those from Art of Fighting – thus positioning Dan as commentary on competing fighting games and cementing Street Fighter as the supreme series. They also discuss Dan Hibiki’s appearances in side games, for those who can’t get enough of this special fighter.

The spotlight of this episode is favorite Dan Hibiki fan fiction, and the hosts share a few of their favorites that best capture the fighter’s bombastic personality:


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