Game Buoy Podcast Episode 9 – Final Fantasy

Ahoy mateys, and welcome to Game Buoy – your twice monthly port of call for gaming news and opinions that’re probably NOT on your radar, but definitely should be. Once again, Captain Spike and his first mate, Slagkick, bring you their own brand of video game real talk.


An unofficial Mass Effect 3 romance survey was published and compiles the input of thousands of participants! Also, GaymerCon completed its Kickstarter campaign and raised over $90,000. The Podcast Pirates will re-visit GaymerCon in a future episode and discuss why it’s so great that this sort of convention is going to be a reality.


 – Neo Geo X Gold details announced. It will hit in December with a $200 price tag!

– Level-5 applied for US trademarks that appear to be related to several of the games from Guild01, a quirky collection of games from the likes of Suda51, Yoot Saito, and Yasumi Matsuno.

GameStop is considering an online store for vintage cartridges and discs. The Podcast Pirates discuss why this could be a good thing for retro games enthusiasts. 

The latest Nintendo Direct conference showed some great 3DS titles on the horizon: a new Professor Layton game (currently planned as the final one!), a new Tomodachi Collection sequel (Mii realness!), a pink 3DS XL (which Captain Spike wants), a look at the next Animal Crossing game, a new rhythm-platformer from Game Freak called HarmoKnight, and Paper Mario: Sticker Star!

– Also, the limited edition Pikachu 3DS XL looks like it has nipples.


Captain Spike rants about how Square Enix teased a new The World Ends With You title, which turned out to be an iOS port with features removed.


In celebration of the 25th Anniversary Final Fantasy event that happened this weekend, Captain Spike and Slagkick discuss the highlights of the event and a look back at the much loved franchise through their own personal lens. First, the Podcast Pirates discuss Final Fantasy Dimensions, a new iOS title in the vein of classic Final Fantasy games. Then, they discuss the Final Fantasy Anniversary box set, which will compile every main Final Fantasy game from FF1 through FF13 on PS1, PS2, and PS3 (with FF3 being the sole PSP title in the box). Most significantly, Lightning Returns was announced – and its promise of being a Bayonetta/Kingdom Hearts style action game has Captain Spike and Slagkick extremely excited.

The bulk of the discussion is devoted to the Podcast Pirates sharing their history with the Final Fantasy series – including their introduction to JRPGs in general, and the first Final Fantasy game they played, espousing the qualities that drew them into exploring the franchise further. They examine the franchise chronologically, discussing definitive releases of titles, and the highs and lows of the series. Finally, the Podcast Pirates look forward to the future of the franchise.


Keeping with the Final Fantasy theme, this week’s Loltaku is Square Enix Thinks This Mobile RPG Is Worth $30. Jason Schreier takes the opportunity, as he frequently does, to bash Square Enix’s decision to price mobile games at higher price points – including the new Final Fantasy Dimensions, an episodic title that costs $28.99 if all chapters are purchased together.

(As always, we’re not doing this to be Negative Nanaki, but the guys getting paid to do this and to be our eyes and ears should be doing better. Calling them out is the only weapon we have.)


As always, Captain Spike and Slagkick invite you to e-mail them and join in the discussion on Facebook and Twitter. Shout-outs are given to Orange Lounge RadioHorde House, and Girls gone WoW – all part of the Voice of Geeks Network – and everyone over at the Nerdgasm Network and Video Game Outsiders. Slagkick also shouts out to Nfamous Gamers, a great geek site run by fans.

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