Game Buoy Podcast Episode 58 – Future Retro

Ahoy, mateys, and welcome to the Game Buoy podcast – your twice monthly port of call for gaming news and views that maybe aren’t on your radar, but most definitely should be! On this episode, recorded Sunday, July 6, 2014, Captain Spike and First Mate Slagkick talk about the recent trend of throwback games and take a look at the varying degrees to which this aesthetic has been used.


The producer of Rise of Mana wants to release the new major Mana game within the next two years.

The development of the next SaGa game is going slow but steady.

Senran Kagura: Bon Appetit’s Western release details have been announced.

Natural Doctrine will be out in September.

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- has a new character, Sin Kiske, on the roster.

Terra Battle will be a free to play RPG for smartphones.

The next Yakuza game will be coming to PS3 and PS4.

Dragon Age: Inquisition will feature BioWare’s first gale male party character in the form of Dorian, the mage.

Super Time Force Ultra is making its way to steam, and its soundtrack is available on iTunes and Bandcamp.

Tales of Hearts R hits North America on November 11, while Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment will be released on August 19.

Another version of Auron is available as part of the newest batch of Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call DLC.

Civilization: Beyond Earth will be released on October 24.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution will be out in September.

Aksys is publishing BlazBlue: Battle Cards for iOS devices.

Dengeki Bunko: Fighting Climax is headed to PS3 and Vita.

A Mighty No. 9 animated series has been announced.

Comcept is launching a new Mighty No. 9 crowdfunding campaign to add content to the game, including full English voice acting.


Ouya’s limited All Access promotion offered a year of unlimited access to Ouya software for $60/year.

Final Fantasy Artniks Dive has been announced for smartphones.

3DS purchases of Squids Odyssey in Europe will include a free download of the Wii U version, in the first Nintendo cross-buy promotion.

Nintendo of America is unable to support Squids Odyssey’s cross-buy promotion.

Wayward Manor, written by Neil Gaiman, will be released on July 15.

MadCatz will be releasing a a Persona 4 Arena Ultimax arcade stick that will be compatible with PS4.

A series of Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions concerts kicks off in August.

The co-founder of Looking Glass Studios is working on a new Underworld game.

A Witcher mobile MOBA is coming to tablets later this year.

Cliff Bleszinski is officially making video games again.

The Vita action game Freedom Wars will only have Japanese audio for its Western release.

Hatsune Miku makes her first Western appearance on 3Ds with the release of Project Mirai Remix.

A big, exclusive DOOM reveal is planned for July 17 at QuakeCon.

Chief Creative Officer Rob Pardo has left Blizzard after 17 years with the company.

A Hearthstone tournament has rescinded its ban on female players.

An online Pokemon Center store launches in August.


Airtight Games has closed down.


Captain Spike and First Mate Slagkick talk about the recent trend of throwback games and take a look at the varying degrees to which this aesthetic has been used:

  • Throwback Caps: games that are designed to look and play like old school games
  • Retro Aesthetics: games that intentionally use an old school aesthetic
  • Alternate Histories: games that utilize old school concepts in new and dazzling ways


Captain Spike has started a New Game+ of Shovel Knight and dabbled in the mobile music game The Rhythm of Fighters. First Mate Slagkick


This week, we’re talking about the trend of retro revivals! What game has done throwback style best, in your opinion?

Facebook bonus question: Do you prefer retro-styled sequels or new titles paying homage to the classics? Why?


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