Game Buoy Podcast Episode 5 – FIRST ANNUAL E3 BLOWOUT!

Ahoy mateys, and welcome to Game Buoy – the place you can come for gaming news that is probably not on your radar, but definitely should be. Captain Spike and his first mate, Slagkick, are proud to present GAME BUOY’S FIRST ANNUAL E3 BLOWOUT!


In a happy ending to the 38 Studios drama, the developers of Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning were bought out by Epic Games. Also, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate was shown publicly and Alucard is a playable character!


Nintendo’s 3DS conference mostly focused on games that were already announced before E3, but Kotaku cornered Reggie and confirmed that Fire Emblem: Awakening will be coming to the US!

– It may not have had a huge surprise announcement at the end, but we discuss our overall happiness towards Nintendo’s E3 keynote. Though there was a bit too much time devoted to Arkham City, we like NintendoLand and are excited for Project P-100, a Platinum Games title.

Microsoft’s E3 keynote was pretty uneventful, and we discuss why SmartGlass is not all that exciting and question how much support it will actually get. Gears of War and Halo 4 didn’t really get us pumped, either.

– There wasn’t much to report from Sony’s E3 keynote, because the Wonderbook looks silly and the buzz titles Last of Us and Watch_Dogs don’t seem to be anything special. However, the wacky Tokyo Jungle is getting a Western release!

– Square Enix’s next-gen engine tech demo looks delicious.

ZombiU looks fun, despite the cheesy video clip during the Nintendo Direct Pre-E3 Presentation.


Captain Spike and Slagkick reflect upon E3 2012’s lackluster reception throughout the gaming community to examine what exactly E3’s function is, these days. Is it a show for the fans like PAX, a show for the industry like GDC (where there was once a really cool presentation about the history of the Mii), a show for the media, or some combination of all of these?


CNN’s tech blogger, Larry Frum – happily married father of two – takes a look at the Wii U in Our hands-on demo with the Wii U, except he keeps using the term “Wii U” to discuss the gamepad. The fact that this persists despite multiple revisions to the article suggests that Larry Frum thinks the Wii U is just the gamepad and an accessory for the existing Wii. Is Slagkick nitpicking, or should we be expecting information on a major news site to be well-researched?


Shout-outs are given to Orange Lounge RadioHorde House, and Girls gone WoW – all part of the Voice of Geeks Network – and our buddies over at the Nerdgasm Network. We also want you to interact with us on  Twitter and Facebook! Seriously! We ask this every week, so do it!

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