Game Buoy Podcast Episode 45 – ~Soooooooooo Controversial~

Ahoy, mateys, and welcome to the Game Buoy podcast – your twice monthly port of call for gaming news and views that maybe aren’t on your radar, but most definitely should be! On this episode, recorded Sunday, February 2, 2014, Captain Spike and First Mate Slagkick look at some of the recent controversies in gaming news.


SimCity is getting an offline single-player mode in its next update.

Dead or Alive 5 is bringing Marie to consoles this spring.

Monster Hunter 4G is coming to Japan at the end of this year and will be localized as  Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in early 2015!

Aerosmith DLC is now available for Rocksmith 2014!

Weezer DLC is also now available for Rocksmith 2014!

System of a Down DLC is also available for Rocksmith 2014!

Valve’s goal is “to make Greenlight go away.”

Pokemon Bank has launched in certain Asian countries.

Tomb Raider was “eventually profitable,” despite missing initial sales targets last year.

Deception IV will be released in North America on March 25 and in Europe on March 25.

On a similar note, Trapt is coming to PSN as a PS2 Classic.

Wing Gundam Zero and Shin Matsunaga’s Zaku will be new DLC in Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme Vs. Full Boost.

The new Super Smash Bros. games will change the mechanics of hanging on edges.

Lucario is a returning challenger in the new Smash Bros. games!

A demo for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is available on PSN and XBL.

Nintendo is helping Index localize Etrian Odyssey Untold: Millenium Girl for Korea.

Sony will be making software announcements after PS4’s Japanese launch.

Disgaea 4 Return will incorporate elements from Disgaea D2 and Disgaea 3 Vita.

Spinal has joined the Killer Instinct cast!

An upgraded Ouya is now available for $130.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle will have a new arcade mode for its western release.

Mario Kart 8 is coming in May!


The “Blizzard Arcade” software is now free and will allow all players access to custom StarCraft 2 maps and game modes.

Catlateral Damage is one of 50 newly Greenlit games you can get right “meow” on Steam.

The Ace Attorney GBA trilogy will be getting a 3DS re-release.

Earth Defense Force 2025 hits February 18.

Screenshots have been revealed for Gundam Side Story: Missing Link.

Resident Evil 4 will be getting a new HD re-release for PC that runs at 60 fps.

Dante from Devil May Cry will be a costume in Sengoku Basara 4.

Dragon Quest VIII for smartphones is running on Unity.

Akitoshi Kawazu, creator of the SaGa series, hopes to announce a new game for the franchise within the next two years.

X-Men: Battle of the Atom is out for iPhone.

Tenkai Nights: Brave Battle will be a 3DS title from Namco Bandai.

Tomodachi Collection: New Life is finally making its way west!

Natsume will be bringing more GBC games to 3DS Virtual Console.

Pac-Man Museum arrives on February 25, with Ms. Pac-Man as free DLC for a limited time.

Pokemon anime episodes and movies are now available on Hulu.

Mind Zero, a Persona inspired dungeon crawler, is coming to Vita this spring.

Ghost Games has suffered layoffs, and the next Need For Speed game has been put on hold.


This week, Captain Spike and First Mate Slagkick take a look at some current controversies in the gaming sphere! Please feel free to read along with this week’s discussion using the provided links.

EA and Microsoft buying off YouTubers!

Candy Crush Saga makers King copyright CANDY and SAGA as titles!

“Censorship” of sexualised imagery!


Whoa! Massive 13gb patch for Dead Rising 3!



Square Enix has registered the “Seeds of Salvation” trademark in the United States, which strongly suggests it will be a Dragon Quest title.

A placard at a Nuremburg toy fair suggests that a new Sonic game is due out in 2015 for XB1, PS4, and Wii U.


SMASH: Virtual Spotlight: Castlevania II Simon’s Quest (USGamer)

Jeremy Parish takes a critical look at whether or not Simon’s Quest is a well designed game, and whether its design flaws detract from enjoyment of the game.

SMASH: Everything You’re Thinking About Nintendo is Totally Wrong (Wired)

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TRASH: EA Continues Race to the Bottom with Unexplained SimCity Offline Reversal (Polygon)

With a clickbait headline, this article does very little but whine about EA’s decision to allow offline SimCity play without actually saying anything useful.


Captain Spike has been playing Final Fantasy Tactics A2 and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Slagkick shares his fun times playing Rock Band 3 with Captain Spike and gives a sneak peak into future What’s Up by discussing his new PS4.


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