Game Buoy Podcast Episode 1 – Mass Effect 3 and Indoctrination Theory

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Game Buoy, a podcast spun off from the pirate episodes of the late, great Geeks for Fans podcast. Captain Spike and his first mate, Slagkick, return to bring you some video game real talk in their typical flamboyant fashion.


– SEGA Vintage Collection: Monster World announced, due April 25; entire internet seemingly ignores this bombshell. Captain Spike shares his fondness for the series.

– Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion is coming to 3DS and appears to be a spiritual sequel to Castle of Illusion and World of Illusion for Genesis. Slagkick and Captain Spike reflect on the shortcomings of Epic Mickey and the excellence of early Disney platforming games.

– SEGA announces significant layoffs and scales back production; this is potentially dire news for some beloved franchises that may not sell as well as a blue hedgehog, including a certain gun witch that Captain Spike and Slagkick love.


SPOILER WARNING! Captain Spike and Slagkick discuss the ending of Mass Effect 3 and focus on the indoctrination theory that is making rounds on the internet. Was the ending of BioWare’s beloved franchise too high concept for most fans, or are the plot holes too glaring to ignore? The discussion is not complete without a shout out to the Marauder Shields meme and the concept of Harbinger/Shepard Rule 34.


Captain Spike and Slagkick take shots at the gaming blog everyone loves to hate – Kotaku. This week, Game Buoy discusses an article entitled The Reasons So Many Japanese RPGs Never Make It To The United States and why it sounds like it was written like a seventh grader.


Captain Spike and Slagkick invite you to e-mail them and join in the discussion on Facebook and Twitter. Shout-outs to some other podcasts include Orange Lounge Radio (and its sister show, WoW-themed Horde House), Fabulous Flames (Slagkick’s LGBT-centric WoW podcast), and the Nerdgasm Network (the new home of Wicked from Geeks for Fans).

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